Programmatic Consumer Sample Standards


With the growth of programmatic sampling and the proliferation of platforms to support this model, in 2014 SampleCon first articulated the need to develop a common language for suppliers and platforms in the online market research industry. This common language would allow suppliers to communicate across demand sources using the same precodes and answer variables, but buyers would still be free to ask survey questions as they see fit.

Two years later SampleCon partnered with CASRO to gain additional industry buy-in, and CASRO pushed the initiative forward by folding it into the larger Online Sample Forum that includes other working groups around Survey Best Practices and Participant Engagement. The current working document could not have been achieved without CASRO’s leadership.

Today, with the continued growth of SampleCon, we are now in a position to see these common standards through to completion and implementation. We will begin with the US market first and based on feedback and rollout, quickly expand to additional European, Asian and Latin American markets.

Call to Action

We are now closer than we’ve ever been to having standardized, programmatic demographic definitions. The next step is for our stakeholders and members to review the proposed definitions and provide us with comment through the end of February. After we compile and incorporate your comments, we will be publishing these definitions later this year.

Thank You

SampleCon would like to thank the following individuals who have made a material impact on the success of this initiative:

  • Brook Bissinger
  • Nancy Brigham
  • Oscar Carlsson
  • Patrick Comer
  • Nate Lynch
  • Frank Kelly
  • Peter Milla
  • Tre Rials
  • Richard Thornton