As you consider your submission to speak, we are looking for speakers with topics that highlight NEW INNOVATIONMETHODOLOGY and END CLIENT USE CASES from the sample perspective. Possible areas to explore DIVERSITY & INCLUSION (from the sample, insights and/or talent perspective), SUPPLY & DEMAND LANDSCAPE, RESPONDENT EXPERIENCE & ENGAGEMENT, QUALITY & FRAUD, and much more!

NEW FOR 2021we are accepting submissions for those interested in joining a panel or debate. This is a great way to get involved, raise your visibility without having to prepare a presentation. You will be asked to share your area of interest/knowledge and/or a topic you think would be great!

To be considered as one of our 2021 speakers, please follow these simple rules:

  • Submit original and new content
  • Focus on fresh thinking that helps drive our industry
  • Ensure your topic and/or presentation concentrates on people
  • Be solution and case study focused
  • Provide a unique perspective and thought-provoking discussion
  • Focus on storytelling, key takeaways and learning for the audience rather than a sales pitch

To submit, please fill out the form on this page. The deadline to submit is Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at midnight EST

To learn more about previous conference content and speakers, please click here.

Important: If selected to speak at SampleCon 2021, all speakers are responsible for their registration and all travel related expenses. Speakers receive a discounted code for the lowest published rate for their registration. SampleCon does not cover registration and travel expenses.

SampleCon 2021
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